Wrapping it up

2012 began on a low for us.

With a move at the end of October 2011 and many, many hours of DIY and sorting out our belongings we were shattered by December. Then, we got a phonecall. One that we’d been waiting for for quite some time. It was my dad, telling us my grandma had stopped eating and drinking.
Many trips were made to the nursing home that lovingly cared for her and had been doing so for the last 4 years. Early in the morning, on december 30 2011, her heart finally stopped beating. She was 92 years old.

My grandmother

The days that followed were frantic and filled with clearing out her room (to make space for the next person who desperately needed a secure place to live), getting the cards ready, arranging the funeral and 2 nightshifts. All of this in a festive period.

I don’t really remember much of the days between my grandma’s death and the funeral. Two things I do remember. Waking up to a card with spelling mistakes and finding out it had already been printed. And me falling asleep whilest arranging the funeral with the rest of the family.

After the funeral I felt terrible. I was so, so tired. Tought my Graves disease was acting up again. I had  quite a few appointments with my GP, only to find out my thyroid was working fine. As it turned out I had gotten the Kissing Disease. How? No idea.
It took months to recover.

Whilest recovering we had a few projects going on. My dad and my uncle came to lay down the tiles in the kitchen and hallway. Until then we’d been living on a bare concrete floor.
We wallpapered the hallway, the stairwell and the study. We painted the study, finished the flooring and instelled a desk. Finally, on March 10, our pc’s were turned on for the first time in 6 months.
The biggest project, the one we spent most time on, was the garden. We spent almost 4 months on it (and it’s still not finished). My dad came over quite a few times to Help Jay with it.
In summer we’ve spent many hours just relaxing in the garden.

Wild flowers in our garden

In July I got back to work fully. Despite still being tired sometimes. The tiredness still lingers to this day.

The last few months were frantic again, many people who needed our help with things and we have been away many weekends.

For 2013 I want a bit more time to relax. A bit more time to finish the house. We’ve still got loads to do. I want the skirtingboard going up in the livingroom, the hallway and stairwell painted and I want to start my veggie garden.
Oh, and I want a fullblown winter with lots of ice and skating!

2012-02-11 12.36.46

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