Earlier today, we visited the Wouda Gemaal in Lemmer. It’s the worlds largest steam-driven pumping station in the world still in use.Even today the monumental pumping station ensures that the people of Fryslân keep their feet dry during high water. When that happens, the ‘cathedral of steam’ pumps up over four million litres of water per minute from the Frisian ‘boezem’ (drainage pool) into the IJsselmeer.
Since 1998 the Woudagemaal is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This list includes monuments of such exceptional value, that they rank as the common heritage of humanity. Among others UNESCO calls the pumping station ‘a highlight of the Dutch hydraulic engineering’ because it shows in a special manner how man controls nature by steam power.

Steam Engine

These are just two of the many pictures we have taken. I will post more pics at a later date, when I found the best ones.

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    1. It is. Really interesting and very nice to see the machines actually do something. And the noise and smell are so great! I love steam engines.

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