Women and fixing cars

As you may know, both Jay and I are driving a Ford Ka. We are both mad about these cars and love them to bits.

Now, about two weeks ago, when my Ka was at the garage for a minor issue to the rear suspension bushes, i wanted to drive Jay’ s Ka to work. Jay went outside to clear the car of ice when he noticed the dashboard lights weren’t working. That, in itself is a bit of a problem, but i figured i could still get to work safely. When i left i was checking all kinds of things, but not my rearview mirror. Only when i came to a bend in the road i watched the mirror. I then saw someone running behind the car really fast, waving his hands. So i stopped, but only after i figured out it was Jay. He informed me that my tail lights also weren’t working. Now, you can’t go on the road without good lighting, so i drove home and called work that i was going to be a bit later. We tried to fix it, but we couldn’t find out what was wrong in such a short time.

I went to work by bus (i hate buses) and Jay went to work as usual. He googled the problem and found out it probably was the combination switch. This problem happens very often in Kas. It turned out this combination switch was fairly easy to replace yourself (one screw and two pins), so i went to the junkyard to get the part, after i phoned them to ask if they had it.

So i stepped into the building when a young guy (about my age) asked me what he could do for me. The following conversation happened.

He: Hi there, what can i do for you?

Me: I need a combination switch for a Ford Ka from 2000.

He: You phoned earlier about it, didn’t you?

Me: Yeah, did i speak to you?

He: No, that was a colleague of mine. I’ ll get you the part, just a moment.

Me: *waiting for a good 5 minutes*

He: Here’s the part. Now, who is going to put it in your car?

Me: Why do you think i need someone to put it in?

He: You mean you’re going to do it yourself?

Me: Yup.

He: I’ll get you your receipt

He went to the office where two more men were sitting (felt like they were checking me out). He spoke to them and they came with him to the counter.

Guy2: So you are going to fix your car yourself? *smirks*

Me: Yup. Not that hard.

Guy3: No? Are you sure?

Me: one screw and two pins to remove. Then place the new part in. Doesn’t sound hard to me. But maybe it’s hard to you…

Guy3: *blushes*

Guy2: So you are sure this is your problem?

I explained the problem and told him this was a fairly common problem. He agreed with me and asked if i fixed more problems myself.

Me: Yup, fixed a weird problem that even the Ford garage couldn’t find. Cost me a lot of money and i had to fix it myself.

They were a bit impressed. I don’t think there are many women coming to the junkyard, knowing what they need AND know how to fix it…


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