Why am I here?

This weekend’s Daily Prompt was to write about your earliest memory. But since I was away for most of the weekend I’ve missed the oportunity to write it. I thought now is a good time.

My earliest memory is one that scientists say I can’t have. They say children start remembering things from about 2 years onwards.
My first memory is from when I was just a few weeks old.

Let me explain. I have an eidetic memory. I remember everything. Always. Which is not a great as it sounds. It means you remember all the bad things too. I can’t block memories.
When I was a baby I had a white and green crib. I was in June and my mother used to put a mosquito net over my crib. It was held to the crib with big pegs. What I remember is that I was lying in my crib, looking around. My vision was a bit blurred, it was as if I had water in my eyes. I saw my mother standing near the wardrobe. She grabbed the mosquito net and the pegs and put it over my crib. I remember wondering where I was, why I was here and who that lady was. I felt love for her but I couldn’t remember her. My mother said something that I couldn’t understand and she left. I raised my hands and touched the netting.

That is basically all I remember. Some have tried to tell me that I must have been older, but that doesn’t stroke with what I remember. I was lying on my back and touched the mosquito net. Now, if I had been older, the bed would have been lowered to it’s lowest position (I was  happily walking with 9 months). If it had been on it’s lowest I wouldn’t have been able to touch the net. If I had been older I would’ve understood something of what she was saying and I would’ve recognized her. I can’t have been more then a few weeks old, since you don’t put a mosquito net up in the heart of winter. This has made me believe that my memory is true.

Note that I’m a firm believer in reincarnation. This memory makes my believe even stronger.

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