Which flavour is the best?

What flavour is your favourite? Is what the Daily Prompt wants to know.Lemon
Now the first thing that popped into my mind was: Lemon!
I love lemon ice cream. Simply can’t get enough of it. Every time we walk into an ice shop I get lemon flavoured ice cream. I don’t even want it in a cone, the cone distracts from the flavour.

But then I thought, wait a minute, while the address bar suggests it’s about ice cream, the post doesn’t specify what food this is about. And there’s so many flavours that I like. Granted, lemon is my favourite in pies, in a good tonic even, but there’s so much more.

Chocolate for instance. I love dark chocolate, preferably extra dark. The Côte d’Or Sensations 86% is my favourite. But their BonBonBloc dark is great is well.

Then there’s the drinks. I’m a big fan of Dr Pepper. DrPepperBut there’s only one flavour sold in all the supermarkets I visited so far. And that’s the regular. So I have no idea what the vanilla, the cherry, the diet or every other flavour out there tastes like. I never tasted them.
I know I like Cherry Coke, but Coca Cola isn’t my brand. I got stomach aches from it. So I don’t buy it all that much.

Then there’s the tea. I know the Netherlands is one of the few countries that sells lots of flavoured teas. We have it all, strawberry, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, orange, cherry, raspberry, forest fruit, tropical fruit, you name, we can get it. The one that I like most is the Rooibos Vanilla flavoured tea. I like almost all teas, but this one is my favourite.

For fragrance oils I like vanilla best. But green apple is also very nice. I ‘m not too keen on other fragrances as they make me ill most of the time. They’re too heavy for my liking.

And don’t get me started on spices. I love spices, they smell so good. The ones I use most are PiriPiri for my pizzas, a mix called Cajun for my BBQ meat and  a mix called Stroganoff for my Goulash. (recipes for goulash and pizza are found under the recipes tab on the top of the page).

So yeah, if we are talking about ice cream, it’s Lemon all the way. But if we are talking about other flavours it’s way more complicated then that.
What are your favourite flavours?

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