What’s on your Christmas Wishlist?

In 35 days it’s Christmas. And while I never enjoy putting up a christmas tree I love making a christmas wish list. Jay and I hardly buy each other presents for christmas. We just buy what we want when we want or need it. We don’t wait until christmas to buy it. But if we were to buy each other presents, this is what would be on my list:

This sweater from H&M. I’ve already got 2 of those, but they’re so comfy and warm. I simply love them. One more wouldn’t hurt.

I’m a big fan of Katie Fforde. This new book would suit me fine.

Okay, I really need two of these. I’ve managed to set fire to mine one too many times. There’s a hole in one of the thumbs and they smell… bad…

I haven’t got any glass bowls and I really could use one for my cooking. So yeah, this would be on my list as well.

And last but certainly not least this self-draining dishrack by JosephJoseph. I have a much cheaper dishrack, but the plastic that’s covering the wire is falling off and the wire is rusting like mad. It’s becoming a health hazard soon. So a new one would come in very handy.

What’s on your christmas wishlist? Share yours here or on your blog and leave a link. I’d like to check them out.

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