Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


You may find this a strange picture for this weeks’ challenge, but let me explain.

We’ve moved house in October 2011. We had 2 rooms ready. The living room (wallpapered and flooring down) and one of the bedrooms (wallpapered and flooring down). We had bare concrete floors in the kitchen (open plan to the living room) and the hallway. The landing and the other two bedrooms had bare concrete floors and no wallpaper on the walls.

Since then we’ve managed to lay tiles in the kitchen and hallway, wallpapered one other bedroom, laid laminate flooring in that same bedroom, wallpapered the hallway and the landing plus the walls next to the stairs.
Last Wednesday we’ve started attaching the skirtingboards to the walls of the livingroom. I wanted to do this for ages, but since there’s still so much work to do, we hadn’t had time to do this. We haven’t finished yet. There’s one more wall to do, but most of it is (finally) done. And I’m so happy with it. It looks great!

So that’s why this photo say forward to me. Forward, progress, making the home we bought ours. Step by step, little by little.

For any of you wondering, the laminate flooring and skirtingboard is Balterio AUTHENTIC STYLE PLUS Olive 539.

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