“we are calling from Windows”…

Lately, there’s been lots of people reporting these malicious phone calls all around the world.

I have had quite a few of those phone calls too. At first I had no idea what to say. I always ended up thinking I could have had so much fun with them after I hung up on them. In the beginning I just hung up. After a while I told them “me no speak english” and hung up.

Only recently I started having fun. A few days ago I got a call and this guy told me (in good english, I have to say. You wouldn’t think he’s probably located in India) that my computer was “sending out error messages”. I asked him which computer it was, he told me he couldn’t see which one, only that it was a Windows computer. I asked him why he couldn’t give me a more specific idea of which pc it would be and asked him which IP address the pc had. He hung up on me. Which was a shame because I just started to have fun…
The next day I got 3 more phone calls, but they hung up on me all three times 🙁

Also, we have seen an increase of cold callers coming to the door. The last one was a guy who said he was from Securitas. I’m not sure this was actually true as he looked a bit shoddy. Anyway, he wanted to talk about the recent increase in burglaries in our area. This has been going on for several years now, so I don’t know why he came to the door just now, but there you go.

As I said, he looked a bit shoddy, so when he asked if I was the homeowner I answered with the sentence I have been using for a while now. And it has been very effective in scaring away cold callers. I told him “No, I’m not the owner. I’m the local burglar. And I wish to get on with my job.” He looked shocked. And scared. Not knowing if I was completely serious (I had been searching for a key) or if I was joking. I closed the door and left.

This has been a very effective method to get rid of cold callers. And I love it. They have no idea if I’m serious or not. I suspect they think I’m joking as I have never gotten the police around. But it scares them away without a doubt.


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2 Replies to ““we are calling from Windows”…”

  1. My Mum told me about her response to one of those Windows scammers a while back – she played along, pretending to be completely incompetent with computers. You know, those kind of tech-support’s-worst-nightmare, “What do you mean press? Like I just push on the screen?” “I don’t see a Start button, or a login box, I just see the stars, you know, they come on after a while” “Well I know you told me to do this but I accidentally pressed shutdown instead”…

    She had loads of fun, and kept him on the line for a good hour!

  2. Hehehehe. One hour less they can scam people who have no idea it’s not real. Seriously, I don’t know how they can sleep at night, knowing full well what they are doing to other people. I wish everyone who gets these phonecalls and knows they are fake keeps them on the phyone as long as possible!

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