Veggie garden 3rd May

And another update. Everything is going well so far. The first lettuce that I planted have failed me a bit. I put them out too early (i know now) and I think there’s only one that is actually catching on.

I still have most plants inside and have been sowing more beans and lettuce. Because, lets face it, you can never have too much lettuce.
Leaf celery is still not showing up, so I’m not sure if it’s doing something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did nothing. But for now, I’ll wait and see.

So, as promised, some more photos.

I planted two more of the cucumber seeds, because I like to have 1 or 2 more than I have now (which is 2). The endive seeds and the leaf chicory are sprouting and I’ve seen another tiny bell pepper plant. I’ve sowed 10 seeds and have so far seen 5 seedlings. I’m hoping there’ll be more later on.

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