Veggie Garden 30th May

It’s been two weeks since I last posted an update.

The weather has been appalling. It’s been way too cold, with temps that would look great in February, not May. As a result, some of the tomatoes have given up and died. As have the cucumber plants. I have two cucumber plants still in pots, but I’m hesitant to plant them in the garden yet. I might wait another week before doing that. The basil is still inside as well, as the temps were just too low for those to survive. And the bell pepper plants are inside as well, but almost ready to go outside. I’m not sure though, where they need to go, as the weggie garden is full and the plants do need space. I think I may place them along the fence.

The other herbs are out and are doing great. I’ve placed a pot around the marjory and the thyme to prevent the cats from digging them out.
This hasn’t helped my tiny lettuce and endive plants, though. This morning, after mopping, cat Dipsy walked in leaving muddy paw prints all over the garden… After mopping again (the third time, see this tweet) I went into the garden seeing if she had caused any damage… She had. 4 tiny lettuce plants are missing, along with 2 endive plants. And she managed to kick out a lot of the seedlings that were alongside it.
Thanks a lot!

As you can see, the red currant and blueberry are doing great. Even the tayberry has flowers. I didn’t expect that, as they said it would take another year before they’d be flowering. I’m hoping for lots of strawberries.

Let’s hope for lots more sunshine and warmth the coming weeks/months.

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