Veggie garden 27th April

Quick update on the veggie garden.

The flowers are appearing in the blackberry and the redcurrant. The tayberry, both raspberries and the blueberry are doing great. My stepmom gave me some more strawberry plants as half of the ones she gave me last year were dead. The 10 that survived are doing good sofar.

The dill has been plowed under by a cat (not ours), so I’ve sown more. Stupid cat!
The chervil is looking good, I’ve planted that outside last week. The thyme, marjoram, basil, chives and parsley are inside looking very cosy. I haven’t seen any leaf celery yet.

The tomatoes are growing like mad. I think they’re ready to go in the garden, but they need to spend a bit more time inside as they can’t handle the cold at night. The cucumber plants are looking good too.

I’ve gotten leaf chicory and endive seeds from my stepmom, so I’ve been sowing them too. I’ve read a bit about growing chicory, but really have no idea. We’ll see what happens.

Next time there will be more photos.

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