Veggie Garden 25th June

Sorry for not posting these photos earlier. But I simply haven’t had time. I’ve been working a lot this week.

Anyway, everything is doing great!

The tomato plants that survived the weather are doing well and some of them even have flowers already. I had sewn a few more and I’ve planted those out earlier this week. I haven’t had the courage to check on them as the weather hasn’t been that great.
The two cucumber plants I had in pots are out in the garden and have flowers too.
The basil is outside, but isn’t doing so well. Thyme is doing great either, since Dipsy chooses to lie down, with her behind right in the thyme… I’ve planted the bell peppers along the garden fence, as the garden is bursting with vegetables.
The lettuce is doing so well we have been eating salads at least twice a week. I think I’ll give my neighbours some of it later too. I’ve been planting way too much, so a good lesson for next year.

I’ve planted some chicory as well, as I love chicory and would love to grow my own. The potato plants are growing like mad and I’ve put the soil up to the top of the bag. I’m dying to know how much potatoes I’ll grow, because I’ve just paid 2 euro a kilo and I think that’s ridiculously expensive!
The beets, carrots and chinese beans are growing like mad too. I hope I planted enough chinese beans as they are so tasty from your own garden.
The strawberries aren’t red yet, but they are a nice size. The red currant, blueberry, tayberry and raspberry need a little more sun too.

They say the weather will be better next week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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