Veggie Garden 18th April

Last friday I’ve managed to get the first plants into the garden. The week before I’ve been weeding and shovelling and watering.

The seeds I’ve been sowing have been growing pretty well. There were a few things that didn’t catch on (lettuce, bell peppers, parsley, chives), so I bought new seeds and started sowing those again. They’re now looking pretty good.

The veggie patch has come along pretty well too. The giant hole in the middle has been pretty much leveled. The hydrangeas are in as a border. I’ve changed my mind about the border between the grass and the veggie patch. I wasn’t sure what to do and will hold off on buying anything until we’ve decided what to do with it.
The berry bushes I got from my stepmom are in the ground and are beginning to sprout pretty nice. We’ve got yellow raspberry, red raspberry, red currant, blackberry and 2 tayberries. I’ve also managed to rescue 10 of the 20 (frozen) strawberries, so I’m hoping they’ll do well. There’s 2 I’m still not sure of, but stepmom has promised me new ones in exchange for a tayberry.
I also planted the snowball onions, the beets and the chinese beans. Oh, and the garlic. I’m really hoping they’ll grow nicely. The rhubarb is also in, but looks pretty dead to me.

I repotted the pumpkin, the cucumbers and the tomatoes, as they were in pots too small for the size of sprouts. And I gave some tomato plants to my neighbours. Their almost 4-year-old daughter didn’t quite understand how those tiny plants could create tomatoes, but she liked the idea.
I think my neighbour hasn’t got any idea how to care for tomato plants, so I’ll tell her what to do as we go along.

Here are some photo’s of how the garden looks right now.

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