Veggie garden 16th May

Another update on the veggie garden. The rain that has steadily been falling over the last few days has done lots of good to the plants. The few hours of sunshine on top was even better.

The tomatoes have been out since the 10th of may. They grew so quickly, they had to get more space. The bellpeppers are still indoors as they are tiny. The cucumbers had to go outdoors too. The two seeds I planted a few weeks later have been growing much quicker and are almost ready to go out.

The dill, parsley and chives I have planted in the garden as well. Bu the dill has been plowed under by a cat again… Not too happy about that. I hope some of it will live, but otherwise I won’t be getting more dill. It has been a disaster sofar.

The lettuce I talked about in the last post hasn’t been doing too well. I’ve decided to buy a few lettuceplants, as mine simply aren’t doing well. I have planted a few outdoors, but I’m afraid they’ll simply perish. And I haven’t got a clue on what to do about it. Other then give them water of course…

The recurrant and blueberry have flowers. I’m so happy about that. Those are doing great! The raspberries are autumn raspeberries, so won’t flower til at least the end of june. And the tayberry won’t have flowers this year. The blackberry is tiny, so I have no idea what it’ll do. We’ll see.

The beets, onions, garlic and chinese beans are doing very well. I think I have to give the beets more room to grow. I’ll see what I can do later this morning. Or tomorrow.

More on the garden next week or the week after that. It depends on how quickly everything grows, really.

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