Ubersocial :(

This is an email i sent to Ubersocial this morning, due to some massive problems i’m having since the latest updates. I don’t think they’ll fix it any time soo, since i’m not having a lot of faith in them anymore. I always thought the people behind it were businessmen, but i’m beginning to think they are 2 14-year olds in their moms basement…


Dear sir, madam,

I’m having huge problems with Ubersoc. Over the last 48 hours it has been updating 3 times, each update was more broken then the last. Since yesterday i van’t even tweet or read tweets due to massive problems.

First of; it resets my settings every time i open the app or after x amount of minutes. Usually about 10 minutes.
Second; i can’t read the last tweet in my timeline because of a pop=up box type of thing in the upper left corner of my screen.
Third; It asks me if i want to follow @Twidroyd every time i open the app or try to change the settings.
fourth; It wants me to take a tour every time i open it or try to change the settings.
Fifth; Im unable to change the theme to any other theme. It does nothing anymore. I need a dark theme due to an eyedisease. The standard colours are way too bright for my eyes.
Sixth; Due to resetting my settings every time it drains my battery like there’s no tomorrow, since it resets itself to update every 5 minutes…

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that doesn’t help. I’ve now resorted to delete the settings and turning the app off, so it won’t do anything. This however, made me unable to even use Twitter. And why did i get this app? Yes, to use Twitter on a regular basis!
I’ve tweeted about this last night, without expecting any help, i must say. Since you haven’t replied to anyone who’s having trouble. The only thing you tweeted are things that won’t be of any help to any of us.
But, to answer your question: “Would you click on a ‘Hate’ button on Facebook? http://cot.ag/HwYvmp Check it out!” I would rather have a hate button for this app, so everyone can let you know how they feel!

Furthermore, why is there no chang-log available for the updates. Isn’t it right to let people know what you (tried to) fix? I’m currently feeling like i’ve paid to be a alpha-tester, because if this was a new app, it would be in it’s alpha stage. The only thing that is keeping me from turning my back at this app all together is the fact that i’ve paid for it.

And now that i hopefully still have your attention i would like to propose some future changes:
one; a chang-log, so we can see what we’re getting into.
two; less bright colours, it’s hard to even adjust the settings with these colours.
three; the app remembering my settings after an update. Right now it forgets everything after every update, and with 3 in 48 hours i’m getting sick of it.
four; please change the orange coloour in the dark theme to a less bright colour (green was good). The orange is hurting too.

So please, get rid of the last 3 updates. I think we all can live with the jumping timeline issue. Just not with the app resetting every x minutes…


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