Twitter Giveaways

Lately I’ve seen lots of companies doing giveaways on Twitter. Only to get more followers. That, in itself isn’t a big problem, but I really dislike how they do it.

I’ve been following some companies for a long time. Many of them even before they really started exploiting Twitter. I feel like a loyal follower. But since many companies only look at the numbers there’s now a trend to give new followers something if they are follower number X

For instance this tweet. I don’t follow them, but merely used it to make my point. Why is follower 600 getting a price? Because you have another 599 (loyal) followers. What about follower 10? Or follower 100? They don’t get anything. Why? Because they were loyal. Because they didn’t wait until there was a giveaway just to win follower 600.

This, to me, sounds really unfair. I’ve had it before with a local shop. I simply unfollowed them and tried to be that X follower, just to have a chance of winning that giveaway. And I’ve unfollowed quite a few companies because of a giveaway like this. If you want to do a giveaway on Twitter because you’ve reached X amounts of followers, please to it like this:

This is fair to all followers. Please companies, make your giveaways fair to all of your followers. Because many of them are seriously put off by giveaways that only are for new followers. Loyal followers should get a chance too!

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