The smell of my childhood holidays

What I remember most from my childhood holidays is the smell of petrol when we were in the back of the camping site owner’s GMC. On our way to the beach. Or on a dropping. In the middle of the night, in the back of a GMC is something special. Not knowing where we were going. Not knowing what lay ahead of us. It was exciting!


When we got to our destination we were greeted by the smell of the camping site owner’s pipe tobacco. He had a special brand and it smelled so sweet, so good. It’s a smell that you don’t find a lot. Whenever I smell it I’m back on the camping site. The owner is somewhere close. He must be, because I can smell his tobacco.


We’ve been on that same camping site for years and years. It has been my get away for all those years. I loved going there. But I haven’t been there for 12 years. Ever since the new owner took over.

This year is the first year we are going back to the area. Not the camping site, I’ve chosen a different camping site. But we are going back in 17 days. I can’t wait.
And I will be on the smell-out for that particular smell of his pipe tobacco. I should be able to find him if he still is smoking his pipe. I know I can find him through his smell.

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    1. Yes. We knew exactly when the owner was around. One night I went to the bathroom with my dad and we knew he had made his night round. We could still smell his tobacco.

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