Unique Industrial Heritage

This weeks’ photo challenge is themed unique.

I’ve blogged about this before and promised to share some more pictures. So here they are. I think they fit in nicely with the theme.

The Woudagemaal is the worlds largest steam-driven pumping station in the world still in use. Even today the monumental pumping station ensures that the people of Fryslân keep their feet dry during high water. When that happens, the ‘cathedral of steam’ pumps up over four million litres of water per minute from the Frisian ‘boezem’ (drainage pool) into the IJsselmeer.
Since 1998 the Woudagemaal is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This list includes monuments of such exceptional value, that they rank as the common heritage of humanity. Among others UNESCO calls the pumping station ‘a highlight of the Dutch hydraulic engineering’ because it shows in a special manner how man controls nature by steam power.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

When I think of a surprise the first thing that pops into my mind is one morning in March 2005. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I opened the curtains that morning…

The weather forecast didn’t say there was snow coming. So when I closed the curtains the night before I didn’t think they world would’ve changed so much the next morning.
I woke up around 7 AM. It was awfully quiet outside and the light was a bit diffuse. Like it always is when there’s been a nice layer of fresh snow…
I slipped out of bed and went to the livingroom. I peaked through the curtains and looked out. It was snowing quite bad. I closed the curtains again and then realised I had seen something odd. I peaked again. My eyes registered what I mind just couldn’t cope with. Our garden had disappeared. Completely!

Everything was covered in a lot of snow. I ran to the bedroom and told Jay to come and look. He looked out and couldn’t believe it either. We grabbed a tape measure and went outside, in our PJ’s. The outcome of the measuring was astonishing. 52 Cm of snow…

I turned on the radio and listened to the local news. Schools closed, roads closed, people who couldn’t get to work as their car was snowed in. People calling in with the own measurements. 25, 30, 40, even 70 Cm of snow. All over the province.
Later, the local weatherman called in to explain. The previous night a band of clouds crept up from the east and covered our province entirely. And instead of moving along it decided it liked where it was and stayed there. Releasing it’s snow steadily. Slowly but surely the ground got covered in snow, more and more snow.

So when the world woke up the following day, it woke up to a world filled with snow. A world where, suddenly, everyone greeted each other, talked to each other. Even though they had never met before. I wish the world could always be covered in snow.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate could be the tracings of frost on a window, a child’s tiny fingers and toes, the intricate pattern of a tree’s canopy, or something yet-to-be-discovered. So much of this challenge depends on your interpretation of “delicate,” and we look forward to seeing the range of images you capture.


For me the word delicate means a balance between good and bad, right and wrong.
A little to the wrong side with a Skûtsje and it’ll fall over. Do it right and you’ll be the quickest.
More info on Skûtsjesilen can be found here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

As soon as Christmas is over I chuck out the Christmas tree (if we have one), put away all decorations and start thinking about spring. Usually somewhere around mid January I buy the first tulips. Tulips really mean spring to me. It means the dark days are over and while we could still get cold weather, possibly even go skating, the days will grow longer and we’ll be getting more much cherished sunlight. It also means summer is drawing near and summer means warmth.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This may sound weird, but I’m not going to post the 2 photo’s I’m really thankful for. Instead I’ll post another one of the same person.

This is my grandmother on her 90th birthday. She died almost a year ago, 92 years old. The last years of her life she spent in a nursing home. She had severe Alzheimer’s and recognized nobody anymore. This photo is how I think she saw the world. People around her sounding, smelling familiar, but no idea who they are.

The photo’s I’m thankful for are 2 I made the two days before her death. They are very private and I don’t think I’ll ever show them anyone else but my family. But I’m grateful for the fact I made them.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

These pictures were taken in a local Zoo earlier this year. We’re trying to visit at least once a year, often twice. It’s a lovely place and one that we don’t have to drive to for hours, like almost all other Zoos in the Netherlands.

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