Long time no see

It’s been a while since I last updated here. So I thought it’d be time for a new theme and, hopefully, some new posts.

At the end of last year our gorgeous girls, Candy and Dipsy both died within weeks from each other. It’s been hard without them. Dipsy had heart failure and Candy had been ill for years. She had kidney failure. They were born, to different mothers, nine weeks apart and died nine weeks apart.

I didn’t see it coming with Dipsy. And I’m still feeling guilty about it. She was a lovely big girl, kind and a bit of a loner. She loved being with us, but she didn’t want to lie on my lap or anything. She just wanted to be in the same room as us. When she showed signs of being ill we took her to the vet immediately, but it was too late. Her heart couldn’t cope with the buildup of fluid in her lungs anymore. She died at home, with us being there, but not holding her. I really wanted to hold her, but I knew she wouldn’t have wanted that.

Nine weeks later we had to call the vet for Candy. She had been clinging onto life for months, but that faithful day she knew she couldn’t hold on longer. She passed away in my arms.

After a while we really couldn’t get over the emptiness and the loneliness  at home, so we went searching for a breed that would suit us. When picking up Candy’s ashes the vet told us about Birmans. And we quickly fell in love with the breed. So we searched for a breeder relatively close to where we live. We found one about 45 minutes away.

We were lucky one of her cats was pregnant and she allowed us on her waiting list. On March 14 we got a phone call saying her cat had had four kittens and we could have two of them. We really wanted two girls again, but it wasn’t yet certain we could get two girls as, at first, the breeder had said she might want to keep one. But after six weeks we were told we’re in luck and we would get the two girls from the litter. So I’m presenting to you; Pinky and Dexter!

Our Cats

We have two cats. candy and Dipsy. You can see Dipsy in my avatar on most websites and in the header image at the top here.

Our cat Dipsy

Dipsy is an independent cat. One that really wants cuddles, but refuses to ask for them. She’s a bit jumpy and is afraid of people coming to visit. She hides behind the curtain when we have visitors. If you’re lucky she will come out and see if she likes you. Most of the time she waits until everyone’s gone.
Dipsy loves the outdoors. She loves watching birds, but never catches them. It’s like she doesn’t care. She loves summer. Summer means we have the backdoor open most of the time and she can go in and out as much as she likes. She also loves to lay under my chair when I’m reading in the garden. Dipsy doesn’t like much human food, but the only thing she begs for is Snert.


Candy is a few weeks younger than her ‘sister’. She’s a very outgoing cat. If you let her she’ll sit on your lap 24/7. She wants cuddles and lots of them. She loves attention and she knows exactly how to get it. If you don’t give her any she’ll jump you.
Just as Dipsy she loves to go outdoors in the garden. You can find her lying in the grass, sleeping. Or she’s at our neighbours’ getting attention.
She, like her sister, doesn’t beg much for food. Only when I grab the cheese from the fridge she’ll try to get me to give her some. I never do, because I don’t want her to beg, but she does it nevertheless. Candy eats anything and everything. As long as you throw it to her she’ll eat it. Very handy with medication. Throw the pill and she takes it.

The only thing both of them don’t like is catnip. I’ve tried it before with dried catnip, but they didn’t want it. We tried again earlier this week with fresh catnip, but they’ve looked at it and that’s it. It does nothing for them.

This post is written for today’s Daily Post.

Random pictures

Here’s some random pictures I wanted to show you guys. I decided to post them all together.

Lemur in AquaZoo Leeuwarden.


Other lemurs in AquaZoo. The sign said not to touch the lemurs, but what if the lemurs touched you?


Our cat Dipsy is begging for treats. Or, as someone suggested, using her “give me the treats or I’ll rip your eyes out” look.


This is my ‘new’ sewing machine. It’s as least as old as I am, but I hope to make lots of great stuff using this machine.


My latest treat. A great apple pie made with the apples from my mother’s apple tree.


And the last one. The pumpkin from our own garden. There were 4, but 3 rotted away. This one survived and it’s huge. The tile that it’s on is 30×30 cm, just to give you an idea how big it is.

That’s all folks. I’ve got a few posts in my head. Now I need to find the time to write them…