An AngelFrouk Christmas

Northernmum asked how other bloggers spend their Christmas, so I thought I’d share our Christmas rituals.

Christmas Cat

On Christmas day we usually stay home. We have a nice lie-in til around 9 AM (we are usually up around 6 AM). Then I take my meds and pre-heat the oven. We have breakfast with hot buns, croissants and freshly pressed orange juice. After breakfast I take a shower and we get dressed. Then it’s usually spending time behind the pc, do some gaming or (if the weather’s nice) go for a walk.

Boxing day is usually spend at my parents in law’s. We arrive around 11 AM, have cake and other yummy food. Around 2 PM we go for a walk (if the weather lets us). At 5 PM my sister-in-law and her boyfriend arrive and we sit down for dinner. Sis-in-laws boyfriend usually drinks too much, gets really annoying, so after dinner, if they don’t get out, we go home pretty quick. Funny thing about having dinner at my parents-in-laws is we all get to cook our own food! table barbecue, they call it. I call it laziness (but still love it).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

As soon as Christmas is over I chuck out the Christmas tree (if we have one), put away all decorations and start thinking about spring. Usually somewhere around mid January I buy the first tulips. Tulips really mean spring to me. It means the dark days are over and while we could still get cold weather, possibly even go skating, the days will grow longer and we’ll be getting more much cherished sunlight. It also means summer is drawing near and summer means warmth.

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What’s on your Christmas Wishlist?

In 35 days it’s Christmas. And while I never enjoy putting up a christmas tree I love making a christmas wish list. Jay and I hardly buy each other presents for christmas. We just buy what we want when we want or need it. We don’t wait until christmas to buy it. But if we were to buy each other presents, this is what would be on my list:

This sweater from H&M. I’ve already got 2 of those, but they’re so comfy and warm. I simply love them. One more wouldn’t hurt.

I’m a big fan of Katie Fforde. This new book would suit me fine.

Okay, I really need two of these. I’ve managed to set fire to mine one too many times. There’s a hole in one of the thumbs and they smell… bad…

I haven’t got any glass bowls and I really could use one for my cooking. So yeah, this would be on my list as well.

And last but certainly not least this self-draining dishrack by JosephJoseph. I have a much cheaper dishrack, but the plastic that’s covering the wire is falling off and the wire is rusting like mad. It’s becoming a health hazard soon. So a new one would come in very handy.

What’s on your christmas wishlist? Share yours here or on your blog and leave a link. I’d like to check them out.

Am i the only one who doesn’t like Christmas trees?

Yes, i admit it. I don’t like Christmas trees. And therefor i’m seen as some kind of pariah by some people around me.

Two years ago i really didn’t want a Christmas tree as i was away from home a lot for work and simply didn’t have the time to put it up and take it out again after Christmas. My mother in law decided this wasn’t a good idea and suddenly i was faced with a Christmas tree standing outside my door one morning. Now, i could’ve let it just stand there, but she called me twice that morning to ask if i needed help with putting up the tree. And due to my OCD i simply need to do it myself or i’ll go crazy over the lights not being in the correct place, decorations hanging the wrong way around and more. So i put it inside and decorated it…

Then last year i was very ill and didn’ t want the hassle again. So i decided not to have a tree. One of our acquaintances, who sells Christmas trees, called and told he’d bring around one of the trees which was “perfect for me”. Due to my illness i wasn’t able to put the tree up, but my parents in law came round and decorated the tree. Of course it wasn’t how i wanted it at all and on boxing day i took the bloody decorations out, had a huge fight with the lights which weren’t put in the tree the correct way and threw the tree out.

Now, this year, i really don’t want a tree. I have to work lots of shifts before Christmas and on Christmas day we’re off to my parents in law. Right after Christmas my shifts start again, so i don’t have time to take it out. Plus we’re still not entirely settled in our new place and i don’t have a clue where half of the Christmas stuff is right now. But my coworkers looked at me like i was mad when i mentioned not wanting a tree. That’s what makes Christmas, they replied…