Sowing, lots of it!

This afternoon has mainly consisted of finding my seedling pots. I thought I packed everything when we moved, but apparently I didn’t.
After a lot of searching I finally found half of the pots I thought I had. Half of it in the attic, the rest in the utility room… I am so disorganised…

Sowing, sowing, sowing

And this is the end result. I’ve used a little greenhouse (on the right) for giant pumpkins and the cucumbers. The little white plastic container is holding carrots. The first wooden bin contains chinese beans, the second 5 sorts of lettuce. On the ground is a box containing peppers, tomatoes, dill and chervil. The little pots in the middle hold garlic cloves. (yes, I’ve thrown out the 9 year old seeds). I think I have enough to feed a small army, so we (and possibly my elderly neighbour) should be alright.
I refrained from sowing the radish as I know it will sprout within hours and the garden simply isn’t ready yet. I’ll sow them in the soil when I’ve got the garden ready.
Typing all this has made me realise I’ve somehow lost the package with beet seeds… See how disorganised I can be? Must find it and sow that too.

Anyway. The plan for the garden is this:

  1. Get the veggie patch leveled and fill in the holes left by the tree stumps last year.
  2. get the 2 rows of tiles out. They are in the middle of the lawned area. Why, we have no idea. They look like a driveway, but there’s no access at the back…
  3. Create a border to keep the grass out of the veggie patch and the soil in.
  4. Plant the hydrandeas as a border between the neighbour’s garden and ours. They’re not big now, but they’ll get big, hopefully.
  5. plant out the seedlings.
  6. harvest what I’ve sowed!

Sounds good to me. Let’s see how long this whole plan will take us.

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