So much to do, so little time

I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted the last few weeks. Partly because I’m feeling very tired, partly because I’m very busy.

Last week we had a week off. Jay and I both figured we could relax a bit and do some DIY. Wrong! We did lots of DIY, but little relaxing. We put the skirtingboards in the living room up and painted to window frames upstairs, so hopefully we can put the insect screens up before we’ll be bugged by bugs all night. I also made some mental notes about what I’d like to do to the garden once spring arrives.
And that’s pretty much all we did. The skirtingboards took us 4 evenings, the painting took us 3 solid days. Bye bye week off.
I really hope my tiredness disappears when spring starts. It always does, but every year I’m scared it might not disappear this year.

On monday I’ll be going back to work and Tuesday will be a solid day of studying. I really dislike studying, but I have to do it. So our time off will be forgotten very quickly…
Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging a bit more once I’m feeling a bit better and we have finished the window frames.

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