Shoe shopping

I don’t really like shoe shopping. I know what I want and many times stores don’t sell what I want. Internet shopping would be great if I didn’t have such wide feet. My feet simply don’t fit in many shoes. They’re way too narrow for me.

Yesterday my sandals broke. Literally. A strap came loose and I had a hard time walking and driving on them. So today we decided to go to a nearby city and buy some sandals.
Problems were there from the beginning. The heels were too high (weak ankles, bad knees), straps between the toes (gives you infections and inflammation), soles too thin (don’t want to feel every stone). After walking in and out of about 5 stores I finally found an expensive looking store that wasn’t actually that expensive. I found a nice sandal (they have only one out on display and grab the box and the other from the storage for you). It fit very well and I loved the design.


You can imagine my excitement that I’ve found a nice pair without too much hassle…
Boy, was I wrong!

We went to the register and a nice young girl tried to find the other half of the pair. She came back after a few minutes and told me she had two coworkers searching for it, as it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. About 5 minutes later she came back, asking if we had more shopping to do. Searching for the missing shoe could take a bit longer. We didn’t have to go anywhere else, so we decided to wait. Another 5 minutes later another woman came back to us telling us it was a non-pair and it shouldn’t have been in store at all…

I asked if they could order it for me and they’ll try. But they aren’t sure if it’s going to work. I still think that missing sandal must be somewhere and hoping they can locate it, because I really do like this one. And it’s not on sale in another store as far as I’m aware.

So fingers crossed I will get a phone call next week, saying the shoes are in…

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