Our garden project

Last year, in september we got the keys to our new house. When we came to view it, three times in fact, we knew the garden was overgrown and it hadn’t had much attention over the years. But little did we know what we’d find once we began to clear it…

This is how the garden was when we first came to view the house:

Note the two conifers and the hydrangea on the right. On the left the bushes in the garden of our neighbours are also really overgrown. This picture is from the estate agents.

In February of this year we began to clear to right side of the garden:


The hydrangea was a little bit harder to get out, but we managed to do it relatively quickly. It was then that we found 6 tree stumps in the garden. 5 at the far end and one near the fence on the left. At first we thought it would be relatively easy to get them out. Jay worked tirelessly for 3 weeks before he got the first one out:

We then realised it would take ages to get all of them out. But Jay worked on and uncovered the second stump:

A few weeks ago I asked my dad to come over and mow the lawn, as the grass was really, really high and I felt uncomfortable when I saw the neighbours looking at our garden. It was a big mess. My dad came and promised to bring a chainsaw and other tools to help and get the tree stumps out as well. This was how our garden looked before my dad came to help:

The first saturday the mower had decided it needed a vacation and quickly after that the chainsaw decided to follow the mower’s example. So my dad went home and got back the next week:

Jay and my dad even got the railway sleepers out that were hiding under the huge amount of grass:

Notice the strawberry plants on the right and the flowers and berry bushes on the left. I got those from my stepmom.

They took the railway sleepers and the stump that Jay managed to get out to the recycling station and that was about it for that day. The next week, this was last weekend, i had to work. My dad came here early and Jay and he set to work on the remaining 4 stumps (somewhere in the beginning of the year we did get another one out, but it was tiny):

I came home to this, at about 1 pm. After lunch they got out the final stump:

Finally! All stumps removed. The only thing that was left to do was to get all the stuff to the recycling station. Jay and my dad did this yesterday, in the pouring rain. So, now we are left with a huge hole in the back of the garden. The one on the left side (which you can see just above here) is already filled in. There’s only a bit of grass to remove before we can sow new grass. Then Jay’s going to get the tiles that are in 2 neat rown in the middle of the garden and place them as a border at the back. I’ll put the plants I got from my stepmom at the back, so that will be my vegetable patch.

And when we’re ready for it I want to tile the whole grassy area, so we’ll have a great seating area. With lots of pots and hanging baskets and other stuff I’ve seen. I’ll post an update when I’m going to do the vegetable plot.

Oh, and here’s a picture of all those plants I got from my stepmom:


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