My love and hate for ELO

This morning I saw Jeff Lynne on BBC Breakfast. They were interviewing him about the upcoming album release. Mr Blue Sky was one of the songs they’d let us see a bit of. This song reminded me so much of my love and my hate for ELO. And I’d figured I should explain this.

17 years ago my uncle Harm died. He’d been a DJ for quite a few years and he loved ELO. When I was little he used to babysit me and my brother and he’d always put on ELO for us. There were a few songs that I liked, Mr Blue Sky was one of them. I remember when I was about 2 years old he was always singing MeatLoaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light for me 🙂

Anyways, at my uncle’s funeral we played Mr Blue Sky, Twilight and Hold on Tight. And whenever I hear one of those songs I both love to hear them and start crying at the same time. It reminds me of a very hard time in my life that I rather not be reminded of.

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