Normally I never ever say anything about my work and the people who I care for. But when this happened, I couldn’t help but want to share it.

Yesterday I was with this couple. He can hardly stand, never mind walk. She suffers from Dementia. She is his arms and legs. He tells her what to do and she does it. Many times she hasn’t got a clue what butter, milk, tea, an electric razor or anything he asks for is, but eventually they’ll get there.

Well, yesterday was his birthday. She, of course, had no idea. With the first round, at 7.30 AM, I checked on them both and congratulated him. I came back to help them get washed and dressed around 9. When both were dressed, i got him into his wheelchair and rolled him into the livingroom. I went back to the bathroom to clean up the mess. As I walked past her in the kitchen I whispered in her ear “It’s your husband’s birthday, you should congratulate him.” The last bit is necessary, as otherwise she wouldn’t have a clue what to do with the info I just gave her. She smiled, went over to him and grabbed his hand. I disapeared into the bathroom, and watched what happened. I saw the most beautiful thing happening.

“Congratulations on your birthday, sweetheart.” She said. He looked up, surprise and happiness sweeped across his face. “Thanks.” He replied. She gave him a big kiss and they hugged several minutes while I disappeared, with tears in my eyes, and cleaned up the bathroom. When I came out, she was in the kitchen and I don’t think she remembered what had happened.

He called me and asked “Did you tell her it’s my birthday?” When I said yes, he grabbed my hand and said “Thank you, that was the best birthday gift I’ve ever had.”


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