Keeping a notebook by your bed?

Yesterday DailyPost shared a tip with their readers. Keep a notebook by your bed, they said. First thing that crossed my mind was: “What the actual fuck?” Why would I need to keep a notebook by my bed?

They did have a pretty good reason for it. So you can write down any ideas you might got for a new blog post.
But I can’t help wondering how you’d write that down… I mean, when I’m in bed it’s dark. I can’t see what I write down. And most likely I can’t read it back in the morning. Now I could turn on a light, but that only wakes up Jay, who wouldn’t be too happy about it (and this is putting it mildly). I can’t blame him. If he’d turn on the light when he remembers something important, I wouldn’t be too happy either.

I strongly believe bedrooms should stay clear of any clutter whatsoever. In our bedroom we have two wardrobes (one each), two night stands and the bed. On one nightstand is our alarm clock and there might be a book somewhere, but that’s it. No sofa’s, mirrors, notebooks, iPads, Ereaders or whatever people might keep in their bedrooms.

I have a simple method of remembering great blog posts. Whenever I think of one I’ll remember 2 or 3 keywords. That’s all. Those keywords will still linger in my mind when I wake up the following morning. And maybe I don’t remember them right away, but they will pop up somewhere along the line and that’s when I write them down. Or make a blog post about them.
I also email ideas to myself, again by just using keywords. Works like a charm and keeps the bedroom clear of clutter.


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