Just some tips

I really like to get tips from people on how to do something, make something or even how to save some money. Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few good tips, so I thought I’d share a few here.

  • Every store has a rotation plan for it’s items of offer. It’s usually every 6 weeks, but some stores do every 8 weeks. Keep a close eye on the leaflets and you’ll soon work out how long it takes for an item to go back on sale. This way I always buy expensive items for daily use (shampoo, conditioner, make-up, shower gel). Lots of stores do BOGOF sales. I buy enough to get me through to the next sale where I buy them again.
  • Are your drains clogged up? Don’t go out to buy those expensive drain unblockers. They’re bad for your drains. This happened to a friend who put in a drain unblocker. Just buy some washing soda instead. Put 5 spoons full on your drain and pour one kettle of boiling water on top. Works like a charm and it won’t cause leaks.

  •  Is your tube of toothpaste empty? Grab it tightly and swing it towards the ground a few times. When that doesn’t help, cut it open. You’ll be surprised at how much there’s still left.
  • My scissors are always on the run. I’m not sure how it works, but whenever I need them I cannot find them. So I bought a bunch of cheap scissors and put one in every room of the house. No more searching up and down for scissors. They’re always in the room where I’m looking.
  • And to make sure your husband or kids won’t use your very expensive sewing scissors to cut through something hard lock them.

  • Use empty tictac boxes to store ribbon, or small items.
  • Cut open toilet paper rolls and use them as a cuff for wrapping paper. This will keep it from unrolling.
  • Clean out an old lotion bottle and use it to store your car keys, your money and your phone while you’re at the beach. No thief will steal a lotion bottle.
  • Are your boots floppy? Don’t waste money on a pair of boot supports. Make your own from rolled up newspaper. Easy and cheap.
  • Freeze gravy in ice cube holders. When you need some, get them out with a knife. You can do this lots of things like wine or tomato puree. I deal if you don’t need it all and wouldn’t want to waste what you’ve made/bought.
  • And last but certainly not least, get an Pinterest account. There are so many great tips out there it’s hard to find them all. Pinterest is a great way to find tips with pics.

These are just a few tips. I hope they can help you too.

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