Just get that horse away from my car!

We live in a rural area. Just on the edge of town. When our neighbour across the street opens his garden gate we can look out over the fields and see horses, sheep and cows. But ever since we’ve moved here I’ve been wondering about all the horses in the street. Every weekend, even on weekdays people who live in this neighbourhood and own a horse bring it home.
Why? Why would you bring your horse home? I presume it’s not because you’ll bring it into your living room and make it a cup of tea.

Horse watching TV

I can think of only one reason why you’d bring your horse home. To show off to the neighbours. “Look, I own a horse. Aren’t I better than you?!”

But the main problem with this is that those horses are lifting their tails whenever and wherever they like. We finally have laws against dog poo, but how about horse dung? I really don’t like the look of a big pile of horse droppings right outside my kitchen window.
And there are little girls (aged 8 to 12) who bring their horse home. Problem is, they aren’t able to control the beast. Which makes it dangerous for people walking or cycling on the roads. Our neighbourhood consists of lots of cul de sacs where children play on the street. Motorists are aware of that and drive very, very carefully (well, most of them), but horses are unpredictable. Small children don’t know horses are dangerous animals and you should stay away from them. The girls who are walking with the horses can’t control them and those beasts end up very close to other kids.
And very close to my car. All cars which are parked around here. I really dislike them walking the horse only a couple of inches away from my car. I’m always carefull with my car. Making sure I don’t hit something or someone. I’d be heartbroken if one of those beasts gets away from their handler and dents my car.


If that happens, I swear, I’ll make lasagna out of them!

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