Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday I was playing around on my phone while Beat the Pack came on.
At first I didn’t pay much attention to the contestants, until Sue came on, that is. Her voice was a tad low for a woman and it sparked my interest. Now the show goes through the contestants names and jobs rather quickly, so I didn’t actually see Sue when she talked.
When the camera turned back I knew my observation of her voice was correct. Sue, despite dressed in a pink dress with white polka dots looked masculine. She had lovely natural make-up on her face, but you could still see she hadn’t been born a woman.

Sue told us she transitioned 6 months ago. I had always though this meant surgical operations, but apparently that doesn’t have to be the case. No matter what road Sue chose to take, she is now a woman. And not some freak like some people on Twitter want us to believe.

Now, I don’t care about whether she’s a man or a woman. I think she’s been really, really brave to go on national TV like this. She was confident and Jake Humphrey was a star in treating her like a woman. I loved watching it. I really did.

But reading the #BeatThePack on Twitter wasn’t a good idea. So many ignorant and disgraceful tweets about Sue. Let me just quote a few for you:


These are just a few of the tweets people posted on Sue. I truly am disgusted about it. Do these people really believe they have the right to judge people like that? Do they really think it’s right to call a woman (yes, she is a woman!) a transvestite, tranny, queer, bloke, guy, gay or any other word that certainly does not define a woman? Who are they to judge?

Luckily there were people who thought the same way I did. They were supportive of Sue and appalled by the tweets uttered by (mostly) the youth of today.


I can only be glad there are still some good people on this earth. Because if the first row of tweets is anything to go by, this world is not the place I want it to be.

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