Hiring a removal company or not?

Last night I got linked to a lovely blog where I found this post. The author, Helen is talking about moving (she is about to move) and has hired a removal company. I replied to that post, as hiring a removal company is the BEST idea ever! Really, it is.

When we moved last year we decided to hire a removal company. We did the 3 moves before that with help of family and friends and it took ages. The last move took us 3 solid days. One to move the big pieces of furniture and two to pack, unpack and move all the boxes. We couldn’t afford to buy many boxes, so instead we packed and unpacked and then packed them again… Very tiring.

So this time we decided to do it differently. We looked into renting a small truck, but that was expensive to say the least. Not to mention there’s only one person we know with a license to drive a (small) truck and that is my dad. So if we did this, we would have to wait til he had time to help us. Don’t worry, he’d love to help, but he barely had time to do his own hobbies.
We asked 3 companies to come around and give us quotes for the move only. Packing and unpacking I wanted to do myself. The first was twice the price I hoped it would cost. I was shocked to say the least. The second was a little cheaper, but only because I said it was too much. The third was the cheapest, but still more than I hoped it would cost. Then a friend of ours told us about a different company and said they were good. So I asked them around. The quote they gave me was less than I thought to begin with, so I booked them there and then.

We had thought we would get the keys of our new house (not really new, but new for us) in October, but as it turned out, we got them in September. So I called the removal company and asked them if it was at all possible to push the date forward by 4 weeks. No problem at all.
They brought the boxes (all 60 of them…) the following day and we started packing like mad. Meanwhile we were busy in our new house, packing boxes in our old and both working. Hectic time to say the least.


Then the day of the move came. They were supposed to arrive at 8 AM, so we brought the cats to my mother’s the night before. At 7.30 AM a giant truck arrived in the tiny dead-end street behind our house. We had to ask some neighbours to get their cars out, otherwise they’d be stuck until we were gone…
There were to guys doing the move. They went through the house one time to see what they wanted first. Then one guy stood in the truck while Jay, the other guy and I were given instructions as to what the guy in the truck wanted us to bring out. Within 30 minutes all big pieces of furniture, washing machine, dryer, fridge and freezer were gone. At 10 AM everything was packed in the truck, even our bikes. The house was almost empty, just a few pieces we were adamant we wanted to do ourselves (pc’s for example) remained.

So we sat off. I remember telling them not to go through the tiny villages most GPS devices tell you to go through. They drove away while we followed. We had to stop briefly to get more water out of the fish bowl, as it was too full. And then we didn’t see them again. I drove quickly, not caring too much about any speedinglimits, in order to get close to the truck again. But they were nowhere to be seen. By the time we were fairly close to our new town we were starting to wonder where they’d gone…
Turns out our instructions weren’t clear enough and they ended up on the very small country roads with a giant truck… Must have been so much fun.

When they finally arrived, a good 20 minutes after we arrived, they were greeted with coffee and cake. They started unpacking the truck and around 2 PM everything was in the house, most of our stuff was where we wanted it and they were off for their next job.
I still can’t believe how quickly and smoothly everything went! They only broke one bookcase when it fell over. Everything else was fine.

We picked up the cats around 4 PM and that was about it basically. I can tell you, I never want to do another move. But if I have to, I won’t hesitate to get those guys in again. So much easier, quicker and less painful than doing it yourself.

So if you are going to move and have doubts if you can do it yourself, don’t! Hire a removal company. Ask a few quotes and choose whichever you feel most secure with.

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