Garmin Nuvi 2547LM GPS, a bad choice…

Last week, we set out on our holiday. We had a 300 km trip in front of us. I wanted a different route than our old (and trusted) GPS gave us. Choosing a different route was rather hard to do. So Jay decided it was time to upgrade our GPS to a new one.

After reading through dozens of reviews about various systems he chose The Nuvi 2547LM by Garmin. The reviews were all very cheering, so we thought we had a great new GPS.


We had some trouble getting it set up. But we’d expected that. After all, it was a new GPS unit and we had never used it before.
After the initial problems getting the right route back home we set off, car full of luggage and great expectations from the new GPS.

We hit the first problem only 17 km in, when we had to stop for gas. It had a hard time figuring out where we were and it wanted me to take a u-turn where no u-turn could be made. After that it placed us on various different roads, none the road we were actually on. It gave us very confusing messages. It told us to go right where we should have gone left. It also, somehow, gave us an entirely different route as the one we selected.

This meant I suddenly was stuck in very heavy traffic. And I don’t like very heavy traffic. The route we selected is a highway with not too much lanes. The GPS landed me on a highway with 7 lanes. This meant I got stressed to a point where I had to stop and Jay had to take over. I couldn’t drive any further as I was too stressed out. Jay was too ill to drive, really.

The GPS then decided we had to take the exit ramp of the highway we were on, cross the junction, on to the highway entrance and then drive further along the highway we were on. Talk about bad advice…

I then had enough of the bloody thing. We made sure to actually follow the signs instead of the GPS. Which, of course, then decided to finally work properly.

But I have lost my trust in this GPS. In fact, I lost trust in Garmin all together. We’ll be sending the unit back to the shop we bought it from and I’ve asked Jay to find a GPS unit from a different brand.
Which is a shame, as the screen was very clear. Even the person in the passenger seat will have no trouble reading it. It also had nice and clear maps with adequate information and the directions were made on time (this was a problem with the old unit).

But all in all I don’t believe Garmin makes great GPS systems and I can’t understand how everyone is so cheering about this particular unit…

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