Funny Dutch Last Names

sierrakim tweeted about funny Dutch last names a bit earlier.

I told her I knew a few that were actually quite funny in combination with their jobs. But first you should know how these last names came about.

In 1811, the French under Napoleon occupied the Netherlands. They started having a census for the purpose of taxation, and forced everyone to have a family name, which was not a common practice for the Dutch.

The Dutch thought this would be a temporary measure, and took on comical or offensive sounding names as a practical joke on their French occupiers.

On you can read a bit more about it.

Now there’s a lot of funny names about. But some people’s occupation makes them even more funny.

What to think of Rothuizen (crap houses) when you are an estate agent? The man changed his name to Rotshuizen (rock houses).
And the farmer whose name is Zonderland (without land)? He owns the biggest farm in the village.
The former chairman of the Association of Dutch Aviators is called Baksteen (brick)…
The chairman of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists is called Uitslag (rash).
A dentist called Silvertand (silver tooth) or Suermondt (sour mouth).
Mister van der Ham (from the ham) is a butcher. So is Mr. Hamburger.
Theologian Vroom (pious) has chosen the right profession too.
And in 1922 there was a seed trader called Pik (cock).

Funny? You should see the first and last name combinations people come up with. Too bad they don’t translate well in english.

Now let me leave you with a few great examples of English names and occupations. Read about it here.

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