Freedom of FaceBook

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Is it a website’s job to moderate the content its users post, or should users have complete freedom?

Simply said, yes, a website should always moderate content users post. Because a minority of users is just plain stupid and can’t be left without moderating. I’ve been doing a moderation job for years and I’ve seen so much garbage being posted. And this was only on one website.

Of course the majority of users can behave just normal, without causing too much trouble. But there’ll always be trolls who (like to) fuck things up for others.
In my time as moderator I’ve been called many names. The most memorable was the person who called us a nazi because we took down his picture of his adult sims (yes, sims…) having a woohoo with child sims…

And while Facebook monitors their content to a certain extent, they have made some critical errors. I sincerely hope they will not show such poor judgement again. Thank God some companies made the right decision and pulled their advertising campaign from Facebook.


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