Everything is replaced

Note: All the prices in this post have been converted to Euro. In 2002 parts of the EU switched to euro. The conversion rate was 1 euro for every 2.20 guilders.

Yesterday we’ve finally bought a new gas hob. The old one is now exactly 20 years old and has always been a pain to keep clean. The burners can’t be taken off, they’re screwed into place. The hob itself has lots of little corners and hard to reach places, even places you can’t reach at all. It’s dirty and one of the knobs has been broken for years.

But I was reluctant to replace it as it has an iron lid and I like to place pots and pans on it. The newer ones all have glass lids or no lids at all. But since we have been updating quite a few things in the kitchen, the hob has stood out like a sore thumb. So we’ve decided on a brand new one, with a wok burner.

All this has made me realise that all the white goods I bought when I moved out of my mom’s home have now been replaced. 20 years ago I bought a fridge/freezer combo, a washing machine, microwave and this gas hob for 863. I can’t really remember te individual prices, but the hob i do remember. That cost 81.

The microwave was the first thing to be replaced, as it stopped heating food.  A few years later the washing machine stopped pumping out the water, which resulted in a flooded bathroom. In 2009 we replaced the fridge, when we saw the freezer didn’t cool to -18 C anymore. That left only the hob. Which has now been replaced too.

That left me to contemplate what I still have from 20 years ago. And it boils down to our cutlery, given to me by my family. It was my uncle’s and when he died I got it. And a skillet that my dad gave me, because he didn’t use it. Up until a few weeks ago we even had the washing up bowl that was given to me when I moved out, but that started leaking.

So now everything has been replaced. The hob once, the rest of the stuff at least twice. I wonder if the new hob will be of the same economical value as the old one, but I doubt it. It would mean it has to be used 61 years…

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