Every Season Is Different

Today’s Daily Prompt:

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

Every season is different. And beautiful.

Winter is a dead season. Nothing is growing, nothing seems to be able to survive. And yet it’s so full of life. When the temperature hit -15 C only a few weeks ago our garden was bursting with life. Sparrows sat on the fence, fighting over who could get a bit of food. Blue tits, great tits and robins flew off and on for peanuts. A great spotted woodpecker tried to make a hole in the fence. A Eurasian Jay came to visit for bread.
Winter makes me feel down. The darkness, the lack of sunshine makes me long for the summer. But when the sun is shining, the temperatures are quite low and ice is covering the canals I couldn’t be more happy. I love skating.


Spring is the time where everything starts to get green again. The days are getting longer, the temperatures should be/is rising and things start to grow again. This is when my blood starts to rush a bit more. I’m planting all kinds of seeds, hoping for them to produce some crops in the summer. I’m making plans for the garden in hopes that this year I’m really going to do it.


Summer is what I love. The warmth of the sun on my skin. Heading out without a jacket. The shorts, the shirts, the skirts.
But at the same time I dislike the sun. Due to my illness I’m having a hard time driving in the sun. I can only drive with sunglasses on. This means I have to be carefull when I leave the house. Do I have them in the car? In my purse? Or did I leave them on the table? I can’t leave without my sunglasses, ever.
The extreme heat we sometimes get makes me sleep bad. I lie awake for hours, tossing and turning, longing for the winter cold. The mosquitos that somehow manage to get into the bedroom are driving me crazy and I get up many times to zap them with the electric fly swatter.
But the same heat that makes me lie awake for so long is bringing thunder and rain. Cool, soothing rain. Lovely thunderclouds that seem to be traveling in the wrong direction. Majestic black skies.

Thunder sky

Autumn is when I have to prepare the garden for winter again. Leaves start to fall. And not like the picture we think of when we hear the word autumn. No. They simply turn brown and fall off. No gorgeous reds and yellows. Browns and blacks is what they turn to. I have to harvest the last crops just before the frost hits. Most of the years it means it’s 25/30 C one week and -5 C the next. No smooth transition, just BAM! Winter. So much rain, so much wind.

Each of the seasons has its charms. Each of the seasons has its disadvantages. What do you like most?

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