Boxes and boxes of books…

Last week I bid on a bunch of books. One seller sold 2 boxes for € 1. The other sold 8 for € 10. I didn’t think I would get them, so I was a bit surprised when I got 2 emails telling me I could come and collect them.

Yesterday we set off for a city some 25 kilometers away to collect the 2 boxes. The woman who sold them didn’t want any money when we came there. I had told her in an email I’d use the books for BookCrossing and she liked the idea so much I got them for free. She did put all of the books into one box, so I only collected 1 box.
We then drove to a small town closer to home where we collected the remaining 8 boxes. I paid them a tenner and we loaded the boxes in the car. It fit. Just.

Today I went to look what’s inside them. It didn’t disappoint. A few aren’t crossable, but 99% are very much crossable. I’ve decided to give a bunch of boxes away to fellow BookCrossing members, as I have lots of books left in the attic. I know many people will want a box, so I think they’ll fly out of here. This will make Jay very happy as he was worried about the room we have left up in the attic.

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