Asking celebrities for an RT in order to sell your house. Do or Don’t?

Today I saw someone on Twitter asking for an RT. He was asking a celebrity to RT a link to his house in order to sell.
And it got me thinking. Is this the way to sell your house? I know the housing market is still under a lot of stress. Especially now that the dutch government, instead of helping (first time) buyers, is discouraging them with laws that make it harder to get a mortgage.

House sold

But asking a celebrity for an RT in order to sell your house? I really don’t get that.
I can understand Becky Beau asking this to make people more aware of the possibility of young people having strokes. I can understand myself doing it when I wrote a blog post about Escape To The Country. But to do it because you want to sell your house?
A celebrity is being followed by thousands of people. Asking them for an RT is a great way to get exposure. But do you really want to do that with your house?

The person I saw asking it did this under his own name. His own Twitter profile. In which he describes himself as an Apple fanboy. Great! Now we know he’s got some pretty nice gadgets that can be sold on quicker than you can say Steve Jobs. He’s also talking about going on a ski trip in 3 weeks time. Nice! Now we know exactly when he’s away.
We can look up his house on the estate agents site, look at the photo’s  and see he’s got an antique clock. Not too big, so it can be taken easily. We can see that his house can be approached from the back without anyone seeing you. And while the car is not on the pictures I see car keys with a pretty high end german brand. Which means he has an expensive car. Going to Google Earth and looking at the address I can clearly see that high end German car in front of the house. It’s a relatively new model, but the keys are on a table close to the front door. So if I want to I’ll bust in the front door, grab the keys and I can be off before the guy even realises what happened.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to sell your house via Twitter, think about the consequences it might have. Think about making a new account for the house itself. I know you probably have more followers than a new account has, but trying to get an RT under your own name, for your own property might not be such a good idea…

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