Another Messenger Bag

Blue messenger bag

I wanted to do another messenger bag by the same tutorial as the one I did a few days ago. I loved making it and there are a few things that I wanted to try with a new bag.

Now I’ve been looking for a bigger bag for my work clothes and stuff for ages, but couldn’t find anything suitable. Making this second bag solved that problem.

Messenger bag front pockets

The first bag has a front pocket without any lining. I did cut it out, but forgot to add it. Also I stitched it right through the middle, creating two pockets. For this bag I really wanted three pockets. I also added a small pocket to the back lining.

Messenger bag back pocket

The back pocket closes with a bit of velcro. Jay chose the fabric. I wanted something similar to my sporting bag, but he wanted me to have something totally different. And I have to say, I may like this dark blue fabric even better than the pink fabric.

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