Am i the only one who doesn’t like Christmas trees?

Yes, i admit it. I don’t like Christmas trees. And therefor i’m seen as some kind of pariah by some people around me.

Two years ago i really didn’t want a Christmas tree as i was away from home a lot for work and simply didn’t have the time to put it up and take it out again after Christmas. My mother in law decided this wasn’t a good idea and suddenly i was faced with a Christmas tree standing outside my door one morning. Now, i could’ve let it just stand there, but she called me twice that morning to ask if i needed help with putting up the tree. And due to my OCD i simply need to do it myself or i’ll go crazy over the lights not being in the correct place, decorations hanging the wrong way around and more. So i put it inside and decorated it…

Then last year i was very ill and didn’ t want the hassle again. So i decided not to have a tree. One of our acquaintances, who sells Christmas trees, called and told he’d bring around one of the trees which was “perfect for me”. Due to my illness i wasn’t able to put the tree up, but my parents in law came round and decorated the tree. Of course it wasn’t how i wanted it at all and on boxing day i took the bloody decorations out, had a huge fight with the lights which weren’t put in the tree the correct way and threw the tree out.

Now, this year, i really don’t want a tree. I have to work lots of shifts before Christmas and on Christmas day we’re off to my parents in law. Right after Christmas my shifts start again, so i don’t have time to take it out. Plus we’re still not entirely settled in our new place and i don’t have a clue where half of the Christmas stuff is right now. But my coworkers looked at me like i was mad when i mentioned not wanting a tree. That’s what makes Christmas, they replied…


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