A Bad Buy

Our bed is big. It’s approximately the size of a football field. So our duvet is just as big. Bigger, even.
Buying duvet covers is tedious. Most duvet covers are too small, too short, too expensive or too ugly.
The ones I like are priced € 75,00 and up. Any cheaper and they usually don’t fit. SO when I found one at Aldi two weeks ago for just € 24,99 I was delighted. Not only was it the right size, it had an extra piece to tuck it in. And it was one I really liked. So I bought it.

Duvet Cover

It looks nice, doesn’t it? This is the photo on the package. I love the colours, the flowers, especially the pillow cases look lovely, don’t they?!

Well… Here’s what the pillow cases looked like in real life…

PIllow case

Yes, that’s it. It’s a white pillow case with just a few flower stems at the top. Or bottom, depending on how you’d want it on your bed.

I guess I now know why it was so damn cheap…

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