Veggie garden 10th April

First update on the veggie garden.

I’ve decided to do it a little different from last year. So, first off, I bought tomato stakes. These I’ve been also using for the beans…

I’ve planted the broad beans, sugar snaps and marrowfat peas out. Also, I’ve tried planting the runner beans and the chinese beans. Not sure if this will work, as it’s very early to get those in the ground, but we’ll wait and see.

The tomato seedlings are doing well, the cucumber seedlings have taken a bit of a blow when cat Dipsy fell off the scratching pole whilst sleeping. She spent almost a minute on her back, right between the cucumbers, desperately trying to get out… It was hilarious…

I’ve been sowing lettuce in the mini green house and it looks all good. Today I’ve also been sowing beetroot, onions, radish and carrots.

Things I did in March

I’ve been doing quite a lot in March. Mainly because the weather was gorgeous and we had a week off.

I’ve been reading quite a lot of children’s books. Easy, quick and it sure makes a dent in my TBR pile.

The Delicate Storm
Commissaris Achterberg en de verdwenen radiowagen
Hotel Rozebottel, vlam in de pan
Hotel Rozebottel, gasten op de vlucht

And I’m currently reading De vloek van de Pelgrims which hasn’t grabbed me so far.

I’ve released quite a number of books in March, mainly due to opening an OBCZ in my hometown. I’m now up to 131 books released in 20 different places. I’m trying to keep this momentum going, as I have far too much BookCrossing books lying around…

I’ve been working with the dethatcher which has worked magic on the lawn. The back lawn actually looks good, the front looks like a barren landscape at the moment. I’ve sowed new grass, so I hope it’ll get better over time. I can’t really be arsed by the front lawn. It doesn’t really look any worse than it already did.

And our new fence is up. It looks lovely. I bought 2 different types of clematis, the Joe and the Ville de Lyon. The latter mainly because it produces pink flowers and the girls next door love everything pink. They are growing very quickly and I’m hoping they’ll give lots of privacy this summer.

new fence

new fence 2

Quick Update

Just a quick update. I have no idea what happened to March… I had so many plans, so many ideas for blog posts. And yet it’s April for crying out loud.

But the ideas are still there. I still want to blog more, I’ve still got the ideas in my head… So bear with me, K?