The smell of my childhood holidays

What I remember most from my childhood holidays is the smell of petrol when we were in the back of the camping site owner’s GMC. On our way to the beach. Or on a dropping. In the middle of the night, in the back of a GMC is something special. Not knowing where we were going. Not knowing what lay ahead of us. It was exciting!


When we got to our destination we were greeted by the smell of the camping site owner’s pipe tobacco. He had a special brand and it smelled so sweet, so good. It’s a smell that you don’t find a lot. Whenever I smell it I’m back on the camping site. The owner is somewhere close. He must be, because I can smell his tobacco.


We’ve been on that same camping site for years and years. It has been my get away for all those years. I loved going there. But I haven’t been there for 12 years. Ever since the new owner took over.

This year is the first year we are going back to the area. Not the camping site, I’ve chosen a different camping site. But we are going back in 17 days. I can’t wait.
And I will be on the smell-out for that particular smell of his pipe tobacco. I should be able to find him if he still is smoking his pipe. I know I can find him through his smell.

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Veggie Garden 8th August

Okay, I messed up. My veggie garden is one big mess. And it’s giving out way more than we can eat…

As you can see the tomatoes are all over the garden. I should have bought sticks to keep them upright, but I thought the wouldn’t get so big. When I realised they were groing out of hand it was too late. They collapsed and grew all over the place.
But they are still producing lots and lots of tomatoes.

The lettuce is about 1 meter in height. It’s growing so fast we can’t eat enough of it. Even giving it away doesn’t help one bit. Next year I really need less lettuce.

The endives are shooting up too high too. But they are enjoyable. We’ve had endives yesterday and it was delicious.  I’ve dug out the potatoes as the plants were dying and have gotten 1.6 kilo from it. Some very tiny ones, some bigger. But very tasty.

The strawberries are getting less good. They are tiny and not as tasty as they were just a few weeks ago. And I think I ate all the raspberries. Not many have even made it inside the house. I ate them as I picked them 🙂

So, next year; less lettuce, less tomatoes, buy sticks for the tomatoes…

“we are calling from Windows”…

Lately, there’s been lots of people reporting these malicious phone calls all around the world.

I have had quite a few of those phone calls too. At first I had no idea what to say. I always ended up thinking I could have had so much fun with them after I hung up on them. In the beginning I just hung up. After a while I told them “me no speak english” and hung up.

Only recently I started having fun. A few days ago I got a call and this guy told me (in good english, I have to say. You wouldn’t think he’s probably located in India) that my computer was “sending out error messages”. I asked him which computer it was, he told me he couldn’t see which one, only that it was a Windows computer. I asked him why he couldn’t give me a more specific idea of which pc it would be and asked him which IP address the pc had. He hung up on me. Which was a shame because I just started to have fun…
The next day I got 3 more phone calls, but they hung up on me all three times 🙁

Also, we have seen an increase of cold callers coming to the door. The last one was a guy who said he was from Securitas. I’m not sure this was actually true as he looked a bit shoddy. Anyway, he wanted to talk about the recent increase in burglaries in our area. This has been going on for several years now, so I don’t know why he came to the door just now, but there you go.

As I said, he looked a bit shoddy, so when he asked if I was the homeowner I answered with the sentence I have been using for a while now. And it has been very effective in scaring away cold callers. I told him “No, I’m not the owner. I’m the local burglar. And I wish to get on with my job.” He looked shocked. And scared. Not knowing if I was completely serious (I had been searching for a key) or if I was joking. I closed the door and left.

This has been a very effective method to get rid of cold callers. And I love it. They have no idea if I’m serious or not. I suspect they think I’m joking as I have never gotten the police around. But it scares them away without a doubt.


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