Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

You really can’t get much fresher produce then the produce from your own garden. I have posted lots of pictures of the garden before, so check those out too.

These are some new ones:

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Veggie Garden 11th July

Another update on the veggie garden. It’s ridiculous how quickly everything grows. It really is.

I think I’m going to get a buttload of tomatoes, there are flowers everywhere… The cucumber is the same. Loads of flowers.
Cat Dipsy has finally moved her ass out of the herbs, so everything is growing swiftly. Most of the herbs are rather… spicy. We don’t need a lot of it in our food.
I’m ashamed to say I have no idea how the bell peppers are doing, since the weeds are growing along the fence at an alarming speed. I do water the place where I think they are, but I haven’t seen them for the last week, I think.
The Lettuce is doing great. I’ve given away a few plants already and I think I have to give away even more. I still get the lowest leaves off for our own salad, so we can eat more from it.

The potatoes and chicory are growing like mad. I can’t wait to see what is going on beneath the soil. I have seen the first chinese beans and they look delish. They’ll just have to grow a bit bigger before I’ll get them off.

As you can see everything is doing great. The cold weather has slowed them down a bit, but everything is catching up.

Celebrity Chefs and Cooking Shows

Earlier today I read Melanie’s post here. I totally agree with her on the fact that I can watch cooking shows all day. I love them. But I think they make it all seem a bit too easy. I can never get anything to look like they do. Plus it always takes me way longer than the celebrity chefs.
Of course this is probably because it’s their job. If they would do my job they’d take ages too…

What I learned from cooking shows:

  • I really need a bigger stove. Just 4 burners is a bit tight with most recipes.
  • I need more pots and pans.
  • I need generally more workspace.
  • I need a chef to do my cooking! 😛
  • I need a dishwasher.

Lettuce and strawberries

Chefs always make everything seem so easy. So quick, so simple. Yet it’s almost never as simple as they make it look.

That’s one of the reasons I love Nigel Slater. His Simple Cooking show really is simple. The recipes are usually made with only one pan, sometimes two. And in his Dish of the Day show you can see how you could use up the left overs. My left overs usually end up in the garbage can…

So, I’m sorry Melanie, for not voting in your poll, but my favourite chef isn’t on there.