Veggie Garden 30th May

It’s been two weeks since I last posted an update.

The weather has been appalling. It’s been way too cold, with temps that would look great in February, not May. As a result, some of the tomatoes have given up and died. As have the cucumber plants. I have two cucumber plants still in pots, but I’m hesitant to plant them in the garden yet. I might wait another week before doing that. The basil is still inside as well, as the temps were just too low for those to survive. And the bell pepper plants are inside as well, but almost ready to go outside. I’m not sure though, where they need to go, as the weggie garden is full and the plants do need space. I think I may place them along the fence.

The other herbs are out and are doing great. I’ve placed a pot around the marjory and the thyme to prevent the cats from digging them out.
This hasn’t helped my tiny lettuce and endive plants, though. This morning, after mopping, cat Dipsy walked in leaving muddy paw prints all over the garden… After mopping again (the third time, see this tweet) I went into the garden seeing if she had caused any damage… She had. 4 tiny lettuce plants are missing, along with 2 endive plants. And she managed to kick out a lot of the seedlings that were alongside it.
Thanks a lot!

As you can see, the red currant and blueberry are doing great. Even the tayberry has flowers. I didn’t expect that, as they said it would take another year before they’d be flowering. I’m hoping for lots of strawberries.

Let’s hope for lots more sunshine and warmth the coming weeks/months.

Freedom of FaceBook

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Is it a website’s job to moderate the content its users post, or should users have complete freedom?

Simply said, yes, a website should always moderate content users post. Because a minority of users is just plain stupid and can’t be left without moderating. I’ve been doing a moderation job for years and I’ve seen so much garbage being posted. And this was only on one website.

Of course the majority of users can behave just normal, without causing too much trouble. But there’ll always be trolls who (like to) fuck things up for others.
In my time as moderator I’ve been called many names. The most memorable was the person who called us a nazi because we took down his picture of his adult sims (yes, sims…) having a woohoo with child sims…

And while Facebook monitors their content to a certain extent, they have made some critical errors. I sincerely hope they will not show such poor judgement again. Thank God some companies made the right decision and pulled their advertising campaign from Facebook.


Open letter to FaceBook
Daily Post

Review: Dirtdevil Aqua Clean steam mop M318

Ever since MumInTheMadhouse did her Black and Decker Steam Mop review I’ve been wanting a steam mop myself. But reading the reviews on the one she had gotten ment I’ve decided against that one.

So I did some more research and decided on the Dirtdevil Aqua Clean steam mop M318.

DirtDevilI’ve been mopping the floors the old-fashioned way ever since we moved in about 18 months ago. But the kitchen floor, which is tiled, was getting dirty, especially around the cooking area. That’s the main reason I wanted a steam mop.

The other reason is that with our cats, there’s bound to be bacteria all over the floor. Despite my efforts, I still haven’t managed to get them to clean their paws when they leave the litter tray…

But having only 4 tiled floors in the whole house made me a bit of a cheap skate. I’ve spent over 200 euro on a vacuum cleaner after we moved. I didn’t want to spend another large sum on a piece of cleaning material. That’s one of the reasons I chose the Dirt Devil. The other reasons were that it’s light, easy to manoeuver and it’s quiet. All according to the reviews I read. So is it true? Yes, it is.

What I liked:

  • It’s easy to use, even if you don’t want to read the manual.
  • It’s light.
  • You don’t need chemicals. You may want to, but it’s not a necessity.
  • It heats up pretty quick, mine is ready to use in 45 seconds. Which may seem long to some of you, but I always forget to move thing beforehand, so I can do it in the time it needs to heat up.
  • It’s easy to store, I’ve put it under the stairs next to the vacuum cleaner (which is a lot harder to get in and out of there than the Dirt Devil).
  • The triangular footpad means I can get in the corners as well.

What I didn’t like:

  • The button is hard to keep pushed. I have a condition in my hands which means I can’t hold on to things for a very long time. This button made my hands hurt a lot. I might need to place a piece of string around it to make it easier.
  • The cord is relatively short and gets in the way when using the steam mop.

So, all in all a good steam mop for a small price (we paid 66 euro for it).

Note that we bought this steam mop. It hasn’t been given to me for a review, nor has Dirtdevil asked me for this review.



Veggie garden 16th May

Another update on the veggie garden. The rain that has steadily been falling over the last few days has done lots of good to the plants. The few hours of sunshine on top was even better.

The tomatoes have been out since the 10th of may. They grew so quickly, they had to get more space. The bellpeppers are still indoors as they are tiny. The cucumbers had to go outdoors too. The two seeds I planted a few weeks later have been growing much quicker and are almost ready to go out.

The dill, parsley and chives I have planted in the garden as well. Bu the dill has been plowed under by a cat again… Not too happy about that. I hope some of it will live, but otherwise I won’t be getting more dill. It has been a disaster sofar.

The lettuce I talked about in the last post hasn’t been doing too well. I’ve decided to buy a few lettuceplants, as mine simply aren’t doing well. I have planted a few outdoors, but I’m afraid they’ll simply perish. And I haven’t got a clue on what to do about it. Other then give them water of course…

The recurrant and blueberry have flowers. I’m so happy about that. Those are doing great! The raspberries are autumn raspeberries, so won’t flower til at least the end of june. And the tayberry won’t have flowers this year. The blackberry is tiny, so I have no idea what it’ll do. We’ll see.

The beets, onions, garlic and chinese beans are doing very well. I think I have to give the beets more room to grow. I’ll see what I can do later this morning. Or tomorrow.

More on the garden next week or the week after that. It depends on how quickly everything grows, really.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern


Our street borders onto the fields. This is how the fields look right now. The dandelions are really starting to take over. And, in the process my garden is full of them too. I just mow over them to prevent them from spreading too much. But I love the view right now.

For more entries for this week’s photochallenge, go here.

Veggie garden 3rd May

And another update. Everything is going well so far. The first lettuce that I planted have failed me a bit. I put them out too early (i know now) and I think there’s only one that is actually catching on.

I still have most plants inside and have been sowing more beans and lettuce. Because, lets face it, you can never have too much lettuce.
Leaf celery is still not showing up, so I’m not sure if it’s doing something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did nothing. But for now, I’ll wait and see.

So, as promised, some more photos.

I planted two more of the cucumber seeds, because I like to have 1 or 2 more than I have now (which is 2). The endive seeds and the leaf chicory are sprouting and I’ve seen another tiny bell pepper plant. I’ve sowed 10 seeds and have so far seen 5 seedlings. I’m hoping there’ll be more later on.