Balanced diet? What balance?

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

I thought this was going to be easy, but it’s not…Where is the island? Is it a tropical island? If so, I’d choose different products than on an island near the arctic circle. I wanted to go with a healthy balanced diet, but simply couldn’t give up on some of my favourites.

I’ll just go with the tropical island theme here.


  1. Dr Pepper, you can never have enough of that.
  2. a whole pig please, there’s enough meat on it for a couple of days.
  3. Watermelon, from the seeds I can grow new ones.
  4. Chocolate. Dark chocolate with hazelnuts.
  5. Lemons. I assume they’ll grow on the island, but in case they’re not, I’ll have some to make lemonade.

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Do we really need to know everything?

On April 30 1999 a 16-year-old girl was raped and killed in a field, about 2 km from her home. At first asylum seekers got blamed by local media. Through DNA testing it soon became clear that the perpetrator had to be a local man.
12 people were being questioned and 900 people gave their DNA voluntarily. The perpetrator wasn’t found.

In 2012 another investigation started. This time it was a DNA Relationship Test. 8000 men, who lived in a 5-km radius at the time of the murder were asked to give their DNA to see if they had a link to the perpetrator.
In November 2012 the forensic team got a hit. The perpetrator had given his DNA voluntarily.

Today his court case has begun. The media are all over it. The local newspaper is tweeting live from the court-house. Every gruesome detail is readable to everyone on Twitter.

Now I do understand the impact of this particular case. I do understand people wanting to know what happened. I do understand people asking themselves why the perpetrator has given his DNA. I do understand the general public wanting closure.
But do we really need to know every detail? Do we really need to know how the events of that evening went from minute to minute?
Of course, I don’t have to read the tweets. I know that. I know that I can block the hashtag that the newspaper uses. I can simply unfollow the account. No problem. But I’m just as interested as thousands of other people. Am I a bad person for following this?

I wondered what the girl who was killed would’ve thought about the details in this court case. There has been talk of how the perpetrator undressed her, how he strangled her with her bra and then cut her throat three times. Thank God they didn’t tweet how he raped her. Thank God they had the decency to leave that part out.
I think she would’ve been very embarrassed about it all.

So, is it too much to ask for a bit of decency? Is it too much to just not tweet about it, but write about afterwards? Is it too much to protect the victim? Even though she isn’t alive anymore?
A 16-year-old girl has been raped and killed by a man. Do we really want to know all the details?

Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday I was playing around on my phone while Beat the Pack came on.
At first I didn’t pay much attention to the contestants, until Sue came on, that is. Her voice was a tad low for a woman and it sparked my interest. Now the show goes through the contestants names and jobs rather quickly, so I didn’t actually see Sue when she talked.
When the camera turned back I knew my observation of her voice was correct. Sue, despite dressed in a pink dress with white polka dots looked masculine. She had lovely natural make-up on her face, but you could still see she hadn’t been born a woman.

Sue told us she transitioned 6 months ago. I had always though this meant surgical operations, but apparently that doesn’t have to be the case. No matter what road Sue chose to take, she is now a woman. And not some freak like some people on Twitter want us to believe.

Now, I don’t care about whether she’s a man or a woman. I think she’s been really, really brave to go on national TV like this. She was confident and Jake Humphrey was a star in treating her like a woman. I loved watching it. I really did.

But reading the #BeatThePack on Twitter wasn’t a good idea. So many ignorant and disgraceful tweets about Sue. Let me just quote a few for you:

These are just a few of the tweets people posted on Sue. I truly am disgusted about it. Do these people really believe they have the right to judge people like that? Do they really think it’s right to call a woman (yes, she is a woman!) a transvestite, tranny, queer, bloke, guy, gay or any other word that certainly does not define a woman? Who are they to judge?

Luckily there were people who thought the same way I did. They were supportive of Sue and appalled by the tweets uttered by (mostly) the youth of today.

I can only be glad there are still some good people on this earth. Because if the first row of tweets is anything to go by, this world is not the place I want it to be.

Best Book Forward

“I want to be free!”
This book said to me
(Its previous owner),
And I just said, “Gee!”
“I didn’t know books
Could be quite this vocal.”
But I set the book wild
In vicinity local.
Now the book writes to me
On a regular basis,
From across the world,
From desert, oasis!
Emails me without cease
Whene’er a new owner
Does Read and Release.
So, if you’ve some tomes
That aren’t done talking,
Stop staring in shock,
Let your books begin walking!


This poem is written by Robin Payton. She places it as a journal entry (JE) for the books she sends on their journey around the world.

Sowing seeds

A few months ago my elderly neighbour gave me a container with 4 pots, 4 cases of seed (parsley, basil, dill, chives) and a bit of soil. Today I thought it might be a good time to sow them. Only after I was done I noticed there was a date on the package. The seeds were from 2004… I should’ve checked before sowing, but didn’t think about it.

So I’ve now got 4 small pots with seeds that are 9 years old. I wonder if they’ll do anything…

sowing seeds from 2004

I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress.

De Kameleon

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

I’ve always been reading. From the moment I read my first words there has always been a book nearby. I went to the library at least once a week, more often than not twice or three times a week.

My mom and dad both had books from their childhood which I read. I liked my moms books, but they were a bit too girly for me. I was more of a tomboy. I climbed trees, I built huts, I helped my dad with his carpentry.

So his books appealed more to me. When I was about 7 or 8 I started reading the Kameleon books. The books are about twins who go on all kinds of adventures with their boat which is called “De Kameleon”. I loved those books. I could spend hours with them, in their boat. I was there, every step of the way.


My dad had 4 or 5 of the books, so I started reading the others from the library. When I got older many of the books were given to me on my birthdays. People didn’t care that they were considered boy books. I got them, from everyone.

When I was 18 I started collecting them. The writer, Hotze de Roos, had died a few years earlier and hadn’t finished his last book. That book had been finished by another writer. And I hated it. The boys, who were never interested in girls, suddenly got girlfriends. They went to middle school, where they had never been before. New places were introduced, making the map of their world completely different. I decided that I wouldn’t collect any books that hadn’t been written by any other writer than H. de Roos.

So in my bookcase (actually, they are in boxes in the attic right now) are two whole shelfs dedicated to De Kameleon. I’ve got all 60 books written by H. de Roos and 2 more by the second writer. They were Jay’s so they are there, but I never read them. They’re too modern for my liking. I like those books how I know them best, placed in the fifties and early sixties.

old cover (1955)
old cover (1955)
new cover (2001)
new cover (2001)

Just get that horse away from my car!

We live in a rural area. Just on the edge of town. When our neighbour across the street opens his garden gate we can look out over the fields and see horses, sheep and cows. But ever since we’ve moved here I’ve been wondering about all the horses in the street. Every weekend, even on weekdays people who live in this neighbourhood and own a horse bring it home.
Why? Why would you bring your horse home? I presume it’s not because you’ll bring it into your living room and make it a cup of tea.

Horse watching TV

I can think of only one reason why you’d bring your horse home. To show off to the neighbours. “Look, I own a horse. Aren’t I better than you?!”

But the main problem with this is that those horses are lifting their tails whenever and wherever they like. We finally have laws against dog poo, but how about horse dung? I really don’t like the look of a big pile of horse droppings right outside my kitchen window.
And there are little girls (aged 8 to 12) who bring their horse home. Problem is, they aren’t able to control the beast. Which makes it dangerous for people walking or cycling on the roads. Our neighbourhood consists of lots of cul de sacs where children play on the street. Motorists are aware of that and drive very, very carefully (well, most of them), but horses are unpredictable. Small children don’t know horses are dangerous animals and you should stay away from them. The girls who are walking with the horses can’t control them and those beasts end up very close to other kids.
And very close to my car. All cars which are parked around here. I really dislike them walking the horse only a couple of inches away from my car. I’m always carefull with my car. Making sure I don’t hit something or someone. I’d be heartbroken if one of those beasts gets away from their handler and dents my car.


If that happens, I swear, I’ll make lasagna out of them!

Our Cats

We have two cats. candy and Dipsy. You can see Dipsy in my avatar on most websites and in the header image at the top here.

Our cat Dipsy

Dipsy is an independent cat. One that really wants cuddles, but refuses to ask for them. She’s a bit jumpy and is afraid of people coming to visit. She hides behind the curtain when we have visitors. If you’re lucky she will come out and see if she likes you. Most of the time she waits until everyone’s gone.
Dipsy loves the outdoors. She loves watching birds, but never catches them. It’s like she doesn’t care. She loves summer. Summer means we have the backdoor open most of the time and she can go in and out as much as she likes. She also loves to lay under my chair when I’m reading in the garden. Dipsy doesn’t like much human food, but the only thing she begs for is Snert.


Candy is a few weeks younger than her ‘sister’. She’s a very outgoing cat. If you let her she’ll sit on your lap 24/7. She wants cuddles and lots of them. She loves attention and she knows exactly how to get it. If you don’t give her any she’ll jump you.
Just as Dipsy she loves to go outdoors in the garden. You can find her lying in the grass, sleeping. Or she’s at our neighbours’ getting attention.
She, like her sister, doesn’t beg much for food. Only when I grab the cheese from the fridge she’ll try to get me to give her some. I never do, because I don’t want her to beg, but she does it nevertheless. Candy eats anything and everything. As long as you throw it to her she’ll eat it. Very handy with medication. Throw the pill and she takes it.

The only thing both of them don’t like is catnip. I’ve tried it before with dried catnip, but they didn’t want it. We tried again earlier this week with fresh catnip, but they’ve looked at it and that’s it. It does nothing for them.

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A Bad Buy

Our bed is big. It’s approximately the size of a football field. So our duvet is just as big. Bigger, even.
Buying duvet covers is tedious. Most duvet covers are too small, too short, too expensive or too ugly.
The ones I like are priced € 75,00 and up. Any cheaper and they usually don’t fit. SO when I found one at Aldi two weeks ago for just € 24,99 I was delighted. Not only was it the right size, it had an extra piece to tuck it in. And it was one I really liked. So I bought it.

Duvet Cover

It looks nice, doesn’t it? This is the photo on the package. I love the colours, the flowers, especially the pillow cases look lovely, don’t they?!

Well… Here’s what the pillow cases looked like in real life…

PIllow case

Yes, that’s it. It’s a white pillow case with just a few flower stems at the top. Or bottom, depending on how you’d want it on your bed.

I guess I now know why it was so damn cheap…

You’re not gonna find me up there, you big, dumb, law-breaking knuckle-heads!

Yes, I admit it. Home alone 3 is one of my favourite movies. The quote in the title is one of my favourite scenes of Home Alone 3. It’s the scene right before most of the knuckle-heads get caught out by a 7-year-old. Hilarious! I know IMDB rates it badly and most people will say the first two were much better, but the truth is I never liked the first two. They are funny in some places, but not as funny as this one. The scenarios of the first two are so unlikely I can’t help but think they are fairy tales. And I don’t like fairy tales. This scenario is a bit more believable. Not too much, just a bit more.

I like very few movies, but there are a few I love watching.

  • Home Alone 3
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Robin Hood; Men in Tights
  • A Knight’s Tale

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